Partnership Network: Environment for Development

Jacek Kazimierczak

CEO of Lepidopterra

We are pleased to inform you that on March 14, 2024, we participated in the inauguration of the Partnership: Environment for Development program under the auspices of the Ministry of Climate and Environment. The main goal of the partnership is to establish a cooperation platform between environmental organisations and exchange knowledge and experiences among stakeholders involved in the implementation of European funds. The partnership will serve as a forum for discussions involving partners outside the administration on strategic issues related to environmental protection and climate change policy. It may contribute to the development of systemic solutions and improvements to meet these challenges.

During the inaugural conference, organisations, including Lepidopterra, worked on the initial directions of the project. Key topics were identified during workshops, forming the basis for further stakeholder discussions, including areas requiring systemic solutions such as nature conservation and biodiversity. The partnership will also have the opportunity to express opinions on national and international documents (especially those coordinated at the European level), providing additional support for decision-makers in key areas of cohesion policy. Representatives from the European Commission, ministries, central offices, universities, and research institutes attended the meeting.

The "Partnership Network: Environment for Development" project is coordinated at the Ministry of Climate and Environment by the Department of Climate Change Adaptation and Urban Policy. Lepidopterra is part of a team dedicated to biodiversity. During the workshops, we raised the issue of database coherence and monitoring of butterflies and other animal groups to achieve better efficiency in decision-making and habitat protection.

Our group will meet quarterly until 2026. We hope to address important issues for butterflies and other organisms, especially regarding protection, threats, and prospects. By 2030, we have time to develop a common European policy on pollinator protection. We hope that our work will contribute to improving the situation of butterflies in Europe to some extent. One of the topics of our work will be the Nature Restoration Law. This is another area where we have much to do. Keep your fingers crossed that our voice will be heard.

We thank the Ministry of Climate and Environment for the invitation and recognition!

Railway lines - new way to biodiversity

Used and especially disused railway lines have great potential in recreating the diversity of butterflies and moths.

Chalk, gypsum and limestone grasslands

Gypsum, chalk and limestone grasslands are also extremely valuable habitats. It creates exceptional conditions for many butterflies, moths and other species.

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