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Partnership Network in Poland

We are pleased to inform you that on March 14, 2024, we participated in the inauguration of the Partnership: Environment for Development program under the auspices of the Ministry of Climate and Environment.

25 years later - summary

We are sharing the results of our latest study, '25 Years Later', on butterfly numbers and diversity in Lodz, Poland.

25 years later - bloom

On May 3, 2023, we conducted the second field visit as part of the "25 years later" series. Our goal was the same small mixed forest near the flood meadow in Lodz.

25 years later - after overwintering

On April 10, 2023, we conducted our first field visit as part of the „25 years later” series. Read more to see the results.

WaterFolder Day - national event

The importance of flower meadows in water purification and retention and their use in green-blue infrastructure. Flower meadows are a great example of Nature Based Solutions which can support butterflies.

25 years later - what has changed?

Have you ever wondered if the loss of biodiversity is real or how much we have already lost? Let see how it all changed in Łódź, Poland!

Railway lines - new way to biodiversity

Used and especially disused railway lines have great potential in recreating the diversity of butterflies and moths.

Chalk, gypsum and limestone grasslands

Xerophilous grasslands are also extremely valuable habitats. It creates exceptional conditions for many butterflies, moths and other species.

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