About us

We provide a wide range of services which improves current condition of butterflies and moths.

Who we are?

We are the first Pan-European consultants and innovators in the field of moth and butterfly conservation, specifically in the restoration of their natural habitats.

What background do we have?

We have been independent researchers, authors, activists and butterfly enthusiasts since 1995. We have participated in multiple monitoring programs all around Europe, including Poland, Ireland, Cyprus and Croatia. During our field works, we have gathered over 5,000 records which have been published in scientific papers, online or uploaded to national databases. We also organise fundraising to save extremely endangered species in Poland. We have actively supported institutions which manage protected areas. We are also engineers, urban planners and architects.

Who we cooperate with?

We work closely with scientists, engineers, landscape architects and contractors as we believe interdisciplinary cooperation make a difference. We are still open to cooperate with others who care about nature, biodiversity and are not afraid of incorporating engineering and science into their endeavours.

Why butterflies and moths?

We believe butterflies and moths as primary consumers within our eco-system are excellent indicators of environment conditions. They are not only beautiful but threatened. They are a primary food source for thousands of species of animals including predatory beetles, parasitoid wasps, frogs, birds, shrews and hedgehogs. As secondary consumers, these species themselves are the next important link to sustain the whole food chain.

How we support butterflies and moths?

We assist organisations, institutions and individuals who work in the fields of the rewilding urban meadows, the construction of wetlands, reforestation, landscape design and maintaining parks, gardens and public spaces. We help them understand natural processes in order to create a living ecosystem by preparing local species lists, selecting marker species for re-introduction and recommending the planting of relevant larval food plants.


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