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Publications are the result of the discovery of individual species in the studied area or the culmination of many years of work in the field. In addition to scientific articles related to butterflies, we also have compiled two papers on our studies of fly species. The first publication is dated 2006. Since then, our publications have appeared in various scientific journals in Europe. So far, they have been released in Poland, Croatia, Germany and Austria. Our works are cited in dozens of other scientific papers and the numbers of which is constantly growing.

Butterflies and Moths (Lepidoptera) of Zaborski Landscape Park area – results of preliminary studies.

Kazimierczak J., Płóciennik M., Pabis K. 2006.

Parki Narodowe i Rezerwaty Przyrody National Parks and Nature reserves 25(2): 69 – 84.

288 species of butterflies and moths were found in the Tuchola Forest (N Poland) in July 2003 and in July 2004. The studies were focused on the Zaborski Landscape Park and NW part of the Tuchola Forest. There are only few historical data publications specially of moths from this area, so most species identified within the list are newly discovered for the Zaborski Landscape Park.

Species of moths (Lepidoptera) new and rare for the Lodz Upland

Pawlikiewicz P., Kazimierczak J. 2009.

Wiadomości Entomologiczne 28(3): 183-190.

The paper provides information concerning the Lepidoptera occurring in the Lodz Upland. Seventeen species are recorded for the first time, two species have not been recorded since 1960 from the Lodz Upland. The research performed in 2001-2007, took place mainly in the area which lies east of city of Lodz and in Spała. The paper is a supplement to the latest faunistic research performed in the 1980s and 1990s.

Moths and butterflies (Lepidoptera) found in the area of the Mljet National Park

– results of the research performed in 2006

Kazimierczak J. 2009

Natura Croatica, Vol. 18, No. 2., 443–447, 2009, Zagreb

The paper presents list of 44 species from 11 families of Lepidoptera found on the Croatian island of Mljet in July and August 2006. The research took place mainly in the Mljet National Park in the western part of the island. Isturgia arenacearia (Den. & Schiff.) and Nola chlamitulalis (Hübn.) are two species from the list which were previously recorded in Croatia rarely prior to this study.

New records of non-biting midges from coastal regions of Croatia and Montenegro

(Diptera, Chironomidae)

Płóciennik M., Gadawski P., Kazimierczak J. 2014

Spixiana, Vol. 37, No. 1., 89-92, 2009, München

The Balkan Peninsula is one of the last regions of Europe where the aquatic insect fauna remains relatively unstudied and documented. However, the presence of diverse freshwater habitats indicates potentially high biodiversity in the region. During autumn of 2010 and summer of 2012, samples of imagines and pupal exuviae of non-biting midges (Diptera, Chironomidae) were collected in coastal areas of Montenegro and Croatia. The findings resulted in the identification and documentation of new species records of Eukiefferiella fuldensis for Montenegro, and of Tanytarsus lactescens and Kiefferulus tendipediformis for Croatia. With these new records, the list of chironomid taxa reported from Montenegro contains 30 species, the list for Croatia 77 species.

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