We offer butterfly and moth classes which are delivered by experts in the field who will equip you with knowledge and skills.

Who is this intended for?

We offer butterfly and moth classes, both for individuals and groups, which are delivered by experts in the field who will equip you with knowledge and skills. They are designed for anyone interested in discovering and exploring the ecology of butterflies and moths, including very young naturalists and their parents. Most courses are based on the bioblitz formula, which means we study, count and ID species in a designated area.

How is the event planned?

It usually takes from 6 hours to 24 hours in case of moths observations. We collect all data and do our best to publish or share it in the future. In case of protected areas such as nature reserves, national parks etc. we need time for permits which usually takes months to organize. However, in this case, it may be easier to adapt our observation methods to local regulations.


Why bioblitz?

Bioblitz is an excellent formula to empower citizens to better understand local natural spaces and species diversity. It is short, juicy and give a basic skills and knowledge to go deeper into the subject. First bioblitz was conducted in 1997 by Carnegie Museum of Natural History at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania's Riverview Park. Since then, houndreds of them have been conducted all over the world.

What experience we have?

Our first experience with bioblitz took place in Ireland in 2007-2012, where we were promoting a pan-European event, called European Moth Nights as ambassadors. We have collected over 3000 records of moths species in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland (UK). Then, after 10 years we reactivated the formula and conducted 3 separate bioblitz studies in Landscape Parks on the outskirts of Warsaw, Poland. In the meantime, we took part in the European Moth Nights as observers in the south of Poland, where we collected nearly 600 records.

How to prepare?

All you need to do is choose a date and place. We will take care of the rest. We offer classes in English and Polish. We have all the necessary equipment including butterfly nets, books, microscopes, loupes, boxes, a power generator, light bulbs and record tracking sheets.







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